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Nov 11

Moving mobile beyond utility

I am excited about all things mobile. It’s such an amazing experience and is a direct extension of all that I do in the social domain. To-date mobile has been focused on utility and apps. These things make life easier. If we are to live up to the promise of Media of the Moment though, mobile must move beyond utility. A MobileSyrup post this morning on the new Starbucks iPhone app that now integrates mobile payments sparked my thinking on this topic.

It adds even more value to this utility for me. Now I can find stores, pull up a digital version of my Starbucks card bar code and have the barista scan my code to automatically debit my account. Sweet.

Starbucks iPhone app selections

From the app, I can also build my favourite drinks menu and share them with my friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Share favourite drink feature

Through Foursquare and other location-based networks, I am able to check-in and share photos, but I can also do this through the app. By selecting a store, I can invite a friend to join me by sending a text or email message. I can also share my location via Facebook or Twitter.

So what else could Starbucks do to build on this strong foundation? Photo sharing, finding friends nearby and manager tips are few that pop to mind for me.