Is Apple’s Siri an opportunity for PR professionals?

Apple's Siri personal assistant serviceThis afternoon, Apple held its first post-Jobs product roll-out, featuring the iPhone 4S. One of the standout features is a voice activated personal assistant called Siri. Talk about context. This service will allow people to instantly ask for more information or set reminders in the moment.

  • “Where is closest flower shop?”
  • “Remind me to sign-up for the free conference download at 5 p.m. today.”
  • “Tell me more about David Bradfield at SapientNitro.”

These types of inquiries make you think about content in more actionable ways. Don’t just tell a story. Instead, share location details, include where the product is available, give your phone number. Make information actionable. News forms opinions but information adds depth and drives action.

What do you think Siri could do for your business?

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