Fun: Reinventing Old Technology

This weekend was Nuit Blanche in Toronto, a free all-night contemporary art festival. It’s fun, wacky and sometimes inspiring. My wife and I hired a babysitter and wandered over to some of the activities. One of the best was a “chiptunes” event at the Bell Lightbox building. What are “chiptunes”? I only learned on Saturday night. According to Wikipedia:

“A chiptune, also known as chip music, is synthesizedelectronic music often produced with the sound chips of vintage computers and video game consoles, as well as with other methods such as emulation. In the early 1980s, personal computers became cheaper and more accessible than they had previously been. This led to a proliferation of out-dated personal computers and game consoles that had been abandoned by consumers as they upgraded to newer generations of these platforms. They were in low demand by consumers as a whole, and not difficult to find, making them a highly-accessible and affordable method of creating sound or art.”

The artist we caught was called Freque. Here’s some of his retrofitted Game Boy gear.

Old Game Boys turned into musical devices

I also shot some video. It’s interesting stuff. I guess my tweets and this video are my Media of the Moment, and now I’m sharing them with you.

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